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The DNVR Coffee Co is an experimental project created by founder Blake Eatherton. Its purpose is to  demonstrate whether or not a company, from inception, can provide livable wages for a trade that is traditionally considered menial and undeserving of more pay than is required by law. If the experiment is successful it proves that larger corporations that refuse to pay more than they are legally required for entry level workers regardless of local cost of living are doing so out of greed rather than the well being of their workers. If the experiment fails it proves that the current system in which we as a society have chosen to live by is a failure to the working class and poor. 


Great service, care, and exemplary beans are the vessel Blake chose to carry out this great experiment. We invite you to visit either our downtown or Anschutz locations to try a cup or shop our online store for coffee and merchandise. If you’d like to have one of the carts at your next event we are available for private and public bookings. Please contact info@thednvrcoffeeco.com



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